Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baking has begun

I love to bake. 

The one baked good recipe I've made the most is hands down Vegan Banana Bread.  It's not your typical banana bread and I actually don't follow the recipe.  I've changed it a bunch of times to make it to my own taste.  It calls for margarine (not butter since it's vegan) but I use real butter.  When I bake, I have to use real butter.  I'm sorry, there's just no other way to do it.  So really, it's not even remotely vegan the way I make it, but the linked recipe is what I use for the base.  In the last dozen or so loaves, I've been adding Saigon Cinnamon and it seems to go over very well with people. 

Since I had 4 very ripe bananas, I decided to make two loaves tonight.  I've been meaning to start my holiday baking anyway so why not banana bread to kick it off and take a few photos while I'm at it?  At some point there may be a self portrait while doing Christmas baking wearing my special Christmas apron.  I have kind of a mini obsession with aprons and my mom got me a very pretty one a few years back that is meant to be worn this time of year. 

My apartment smells like a giant loaf of baked banana, also known as heaven.  On a side note, did you know that Paula Deen makes fudge with Velveeta?  It's true.  I own the cookbook.  The recipe calls for 1/2 pound of Velveeta, two sticks of butter, and two 16oz packages of confectioners sugar (and a few other ingredients).  But...seriously?  You may as well just eat this fudge while driving yourself to the hospital because you'll inevitably end up on a gurney one way or another.

Here's the bread makin' :

Happy December!

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