Sunday, September 30, 2012

fields of gold

not too long ago my mom called me to tell me i should go photograph this local field of sunflowers before the crop was dried up. for a handful of years, i've been meaning to get out to photograph the sunflower fields that are around here....but then i would always forget and miss my chance.  so the next morning, breandan agreed to go with me on the mission.  i grabbed my camera bag and we were on our way.  i was aware that many other people have this same idea to take photos there and since it was a weekend, it certainly was crowded.  i could understand though, why so many people wanted to pull over and capture this sea of yellow. 

i've always had a fondness for sunflowers so while standing in the middle of this field i sort of took a moment and took in what was surrounding me.  it was pretty magnificent.  taking the time to admire the beauty that God created.  even now, typing this, as i sit outside in the country surrounded by a corn field, trampled by turtles playing, my dog laying in the sunshine and the wind blowing in my hair.  how can you not be thankful?  i'm so blessed..thank you, God!

one of the things i struggle with when sharing my photos, is trying to narrow down which ones to share!  a lot of them can look similar at first glance but to me they all look different.  i am not going to post them all though, so here goes.  i hope you enjoy them!

Beautiful! Now go out, look around you, and appreciate the beauty of nature!