Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This is Jack. 
He belongs to my cousin Kate and her husband Josh. 
One of my favorite images from Christmas day. 

How can that expression not make you smile?  So cute.  He was smiling at my dad here. 

you need to give me more texture

Well well well. 
Blogging has taken a backseat and shame on me.  I have said this before, but just this week while I was on Pinterest I came across a 30 day photo challenge so I repinned it.  I will be doing this in the very near future.  I figure it will help me get back into my groove.  It's important to keep up with your passion and not let the busy daily life get in the way!  So I'll be doing just that. 

As an aside, for those of you who don't know what Pinterest is, I'll lay it out for you:
It's basically crack for women in the form of a website.  I mean, it's not just for women, but there aren't a ton of dudes on there.  Anyway, I've been so overloaded with ideas from cooking to clothing to crafts.  It's just very overwhelming.  It's also annoying because there are a million outfit suggestions that make my brain go, OHMYGOD go shopping right now and it doesn't even matter how much you spend because girl, you are gonna look GOOD and you're worth it.

Yeah.  Thanks Pinterest.

Back to business.
My eye is often drawn to things that a lot of people are like, really?  You're taking a picture of that?  Yes.  Yes I am.  I never claimed to be normal.  What is normal though, really?  Everyone has their own definition.  So yup.  I photograph branches and shit.  Or trash.  Yes, when I took the black and white 35mm course at my local college I did in fact, photograph trash.  It was the strangest thing.  I was with my stepdad on the NCR trail , we were biking and I was on the lookout for something grand to photograph to take back to class.  We pulled off at a crossroad and I made him go back and forth so I could get the "panning" shot of him on his bike.  Just behind where I stood, there in the middle of the woods, was a huge gathering of trash.  Mostly bottles.  It was as though someone brought a truckbed full of their glass recycling and just decided to leave it all right there.  I have the photo somewhere in my storage space.  I called it "Teenage Wasteland".  This would all be a lot more relevant to you if you could actually see the photo but since I'm typing this from my laptop and don't have a scanner at the moment you get no scan.  Sorry!  You will just have to picture it on your own.

The photos I'm leaving here today are from last year, I'd say early spring time.  Ironically these were also taken on a biking/running trail but not the same one as Teenage Wasteland. 

I love nature.  Thank you God.  I appreciate it daily.

As for the entry title, it's from a Catherine Wheel song called Texture and it's fabulous.  Go listen to it. 

Friday, January 13, 2012


I take my camera everywhere.  Even to the tattoo table.  Then I take photos while getting tattooed.  Well, just the once since I have only one tattoo.  But still.  Pretty rad to be able to photograph the moment.  Once mine was done (which only took about 30 minutes), my friend Mitch got in the hot seat and I snapped some photos while he was getting his.

Orange Tattoo Company is where it's at.  Brady Duncan is the man.  I recommend!

Orange rocks!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Balls. Christmas, that is.

I should have posted these before the new year.  Oh well!  I chose a couple images I liked from Christmas day (and surrounding days).  Here you go!

Christmas balls
My reindeer
Peanuts ornament
My 50lb lap dog!