Wednesday, August 22, 2012

shower the people you love with love

Today I am sharing some photos from my dear friend Mandee's baby shower.  Mandee's sister Grace and I started planning 4 months or something ridiculous prior to the shower date.  We are both "plan way ahead" kind of people and wanted to have plenty of time to do things.

The theme? Woodland critters. 

Mandee's mom lives in Florida, so she couldn't be present for the shower but she sent a lot of handmade crafts and things up for us to use.  She also sent a box up of the most amazing handknitted items for Sammy that she made herself.  A photo of the cardigan sweater she made is below.  It's incredible.

Grace put a lot of time and thought into the decor also, making quite a lot of it herself including the table setups, polaroid station (thanks to Michelle for making the masks), and of course..the cake.  Grace always makes the cake since that's what she does for a living (and is freaking amazing at what she does).  You'll see for yourself from the photos.

The shower was in May and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.  Thanks to Mandee and Grace's dad Bob and stepmom Daphne for allowing us to host the shower at their home. 

Here are some images:

..................and then a few months later, came Sammy!  These are the only images I have of him as of yet.  I took them when I went to Mandee and Dale's house to meet him for the first time, just a week after he was born in early July.  He is the sweetest little thing.  Just like a baby doll.  I love him!
Congratulations to Mandee and Dale on their new little guy who will grow up knowing me as "Auntie Nicole - the lady who always has the camera in my face". 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekend at the beach? Yes, please.

I realize that the 2+ month hiatus of not blogging is out of hand. 
I haven't done nearly enough taking of photos in the last few months, so I will be getting back to it most definitely.  I still have wedding and baby photos to blog.  I will get there. 
It has most definitely been a summer of changes, and for the better! 

So with all the chaos that has ensued (in a good way), I decided to take a second and share a photo I took probably 7 or 8 years ago.  This photo wasn't edited at all and I believe I shot it with some type of Kodak point and shoot.  It was taken in Ocean City, MD at Fish Tales

I figured it was a nice image to share for a few reasons. 
One, I will be going back to OC for a long weekend soon - thank you God!, and two, it's such a peaceful scene. 

Who doesn't love a sunset?  Take time to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds us all every single day!

Stay tuned.  I'm getting back into my photo groove, so look out.