Thursday, May 17, 2012

I keep callin' to you, my baby blue

This weekend is the baby shower for one of my dearest friends, Mandee.  We have known each other since the tender age of 9 and have 25 years of memories together which boggles my mind to see that number in writing.   

Many are memories that only the two of us share and the list of inside jokes is incredibly long.

She is the only person who can play the Tori game with me.  It's a game we made up where one of us says only one word from one Tori Amos song and the other has to guess which song it is. 

Mandee is a wonderful person and someone who truly "gets me" in all my weirdness :)

With the baby shower so close I decided to share a photo I took of Mandee and her husband (and also my friend) Dale, at their luau themed wedding reception.  They got married in Hawaii and we all celebrated after they got back.  I took a bunch of random shots and particularly liked this photo....grainy quality and all. 
It was taken during their first dance as a married couple,  which was to the song "My Baby Blue". 

It's particularly ironic considering they are having a baby boy in July.

Congratulations to Mandee and Dale.  I can't wait to meet your little man.