Monday, November 28, 2011

Butternut squash and a couple sunsets

I didn't take many photos on Thanksgiving, but I did get one of food.  Stuffing, butternut squash, turkey.  Foreground to background.  This was at my mom's house.  She makes this great butternut squash dish with dried cranberries, baby spinach and sauteed onions.  I'm not sure what else is in there, but it's good and that's what you see in this image.

After Thanksgiving, we had a couple very similar sunsets two days in a row.  The first one was on Black Friday.  This was in a library parking lot.  That small black spot is an airplane....

The next sunset was the day after.  Friends Thanksgiving (otherwise known as Friendsgiving) was underway and someone pointed out the pink sky.  Obviously I grabbed the camera:

When I see a pink sunset, I always think of Tori Amos' album Under the Pink which happens to be my favorite.  I'll be seeing her live in one week so maybe Mother Nature is telling me to listen to that album in preparation for the show.   Now, if I can get the Nikon into that show, I would be ecstatic.  I guess in a week's time, I'll know.

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