Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Come waste your time with me

Last summer my good friends CJ and Michelle got married.....

I have known them for some time now, and was excited to be a part of this day.  It was a laid back picnic reception in June and they asked me to photograph it which was a real honor.  This is how excited I was to do it!

There was a party prior to the big day....I prefer to call it a "pre-wedding shindig".  Of course I took my camera to this shindig to capture some shenanigans.  It was a tie dye/hippie theme and very well suited!  I decided to make cupcakes for the day and bring a tie dye kit so everyone there could tie dye an item they brought if they wanted to.  I decided I wanted to make multicolor cupcakes.  I ended up finding the perfect recipe.  I had never made such a thing before and I learned that in order to get the colors to look vivid, you need to use food coloring gel, not standard food coloring dye (what you would use to dye eggs for Easter). 

This picture I actually did not take, my friend Sara took it.  Surprisingly enough, I never did remember to get a shot of one of the finished cupcakes sliced down the middle.  I did however, take plenty of during and after shots.

You need a separate bowl for each color you want to use

Divide the batter up evenly into each bowl

Add coloring gel

Ready to layer the colors into the cupcake papers

Ready to go in the oven


I decided to make purple frosting and add Swedish Fish as a garnish

The finished product! You can see the rainbow colors through the cupcake papers
Since Michelle and CJ are the most die hard Phish fans (phans) I know, that's where the Swedish Fish idea came from.  The Phish/tie dye theme was present throughout their wedding reception too as you will see later on.  Here are a couple shots from the tie dying:

Tie dye aftermath

The gloves provided in the kit didn't do much

CJ and me
Michelle and me
I managed to get a shot of myself with the bride and with the groom (well, 'almost' bride and groom), but not one of them together.  It's ok because I took approximately 425 photos at the reception.....which will be my next post! 

Stay tuned.