Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Music is my medicine

I decided after all the years of keeping concert ticket stubs, that I would make it into art to hang in my apartment.  It felt like I had a lot more than what actually appears in the 3 frames they fit into.  Of course, I know some stubs are misplaced because I know every show I've been to and after sorting through them I know what stubs are missing.  The ones missing in action are probably in another purse or wallet along with miscellaneous bobby pins, ballpoint pens, and lip balms.  Inevitably those are the items I find when I change a purse (which isn't that often because it's kind of a hassle). 

Initially my plan was to just make one large frame of the stubs, but then I thought better of that because multiple frames would be more random.  Plus I am going to incorporate the tour posters that have been rolled up in tubes for years into this large collection of wall art.  I would take a 'before' shot of the wall but...really?  It's a white wall. 

Here are a couple shots of some framed stubs.  Plus one of me with Pete Yorn.


That little blue ticket is what got me my spot 1st in line to get the Tori Amos tickets for the Aug 8, 1998 show.  Remember when people used to actually go to a Ticketmaster location and wait in line?  Well, the night before tickets went on sale people were able to go get their little blue ticket which would hold their place in line the next day.  You can see that being 1st in line paid off because I got 2nd row center.  Also notice how inexpensive that ticket was.  $29.50 plus $3.50 service charge.  In less than a month I'll be seeing Tori again but the ticket cost twice as much as it was in 98. 

311 Halloween show last year.  I wish I had gotten an actual ticket rather than the piece of paper.

Pete Yorn signed my ticket

Then we took a picture.  I don't recall him being as short as he looks there.  I believe he was halfway perched upon a barstool.

The only time I saw Pearl Jam.  If you don't include Tibetan Freedom.

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