Thursday, November 3, 2011

Drive in drive out

I used to just drive around all the time and have fun getting lost seeing whatever came across my path.  This was before I was so into photography, but I have a lot of neat memories from some of those drives.  One time I was with an old friend, Adam.  I think it was 1997 or 1998.  We were just cruising around listening to probably either 311 or Pearl Jam.  We ended up somewhere in Pennsylvania.  It was in the summer time.  We'd been driving for awhile and out of nowhere on this country road, we had to stop because there was a river that had overflown up onto the road.  It was literally impassable.  We got out for a minute to just look it over and then thought....hmm, well I guess we aren't going that way anymore!

I could never understand how people don't like driving around on a nice day, windows open, music up.  Man, that's heaven.

So tonight I was on my way someplace and stopped to take a few shots of the sunset.  I'm glad I have my camera with me all the time now.  You never know what you might see and think, "damn I wish I had my camera".  Not that this is by any means an A+ sunset photo, but it struck me so..I stopped to take it. 

I'm reminded that I should just drive around with no purpose a little more often.  If anyone ever wants to join me, I have a stellar music collection to be played in the car.

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