Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Library = Christmas

I go to the library on a regular basis.  Mainly because in a certain MD county, it is free to take out dvds and you get them for 3 days at a time.  Some items you get for 7 days, if it's a tv series rather than a film.  Between dvds, books AND cds, it's a good thing I carry around my Wilco tote bag for such needs.  It compacts into a ball and has a little pocket built into the bag itself so you can tuck the bag fabric in there.  

Anyway, yesterday I had items due so I quickly scanned all necessary sections for new items to check out.  In the way of music, I snagged the DCFC Codes and Keys album, Wye Oak (which I'm loving), and the newest Ryan Adams (which I'm not loving...it's a total snooze).  I also obtained a few books, one of which is The Help.  I have heard great things about the film but will not watch the film unless I've read the book.  Started reading it last night but apparently 11:30pm isn't a great time of day to begin a new book because I only got through the first paragraph and fell asleep. 

I haven't been shooting nearly enough images lately (shameful) and tonight I was determined to make an entry so you get to see what movies I checked out yesterday.  I put in The Other Guys last night and was excited since the back of it says, "The funniest Will Ferrell movie since Anchorman".  Yeah, that guy was incorrect.

Here is the dvd stack.  It's a pretty random assortment.  Tonight I think it's gonna be Trainspotting.  Seen it before but it's been awhile.  I remember it to be a bit disturbing, mainly the worst toilet in the world part and the baby in the crib scene.  I do recall never wanting to ever ever do heroin after seeing it the first time.  I will reassess after tonight.  (whether I enjoyed the movie that is, not whether I'd ever do heroin......obviously). 

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