Friday, September 2, 2011

Pets and a guitar

My friend Nikki recently moved into a new place so I went to visit her and check out the new spot.  It's a very quaint space with lots of great light!  Immediately I thought of the photo opps upon seeing the 3 big windows with the sun coming in.  I am certain this won't be the last time I take my camera there. 

Nikki's pets were pretty cooperative for me.  Although her dog Snuffles was more comfortable on his warm spot on the sofa rather than in that window.  This was evident when I asked her to sit Snuffles up on the ledge so I could snap a few shots.  He gave me that look like, "ok.  you officially suck."  But he got over it and before long he was snuggled up on me while I scratched his belly. 

Here are just a few images from my visit:


Mr. Kitty on the window ledge

Nikki's guitar - I've always loved photographing musical instruments

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  1. these are amazing pictures of my pets :) I am happy that you everyone likes my apartment... tho, the keys should also be included - I play those better :) Nicole, you are the best!!!