Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I've got a clique but it's more like a family

The final blogging about the Pow Wow Festival.  Difficult to believe it has been almost a month already since I was in Florida taking these pictures.  Why is it that you plan things, daydream about how wonderful it will be, it comes and goes in a flash and you wonder.....where did the time go?  This is why I always plan to have things to look forward to!

I have 3 other shows coming up for which tickets have already been obtained.  One in late September, one in late October and one the first week of December.  Between those shows, my regular social calendar and the holidays, I'd say that the rest of this year is shaping up nicely.  That brings me to AFTER the holidays.  There's always that post holiday let down.  At least for me there is.  The buildup for Christmas with all the music, decorations, Christmas spirit, and the movies.  I am all about the Christmas movies and the holiday baked goods.  I LOVE to bake. 

But how could I have post holiday let down knowing that 311 day and the cruise will be coming up??  It just means I'm that much closer to those events.  I have been trying to decide which one I should go to.  My initial thought is obviously, hello...............BOTH.  But it all costs money and time off work.  We shall see.  It will work out one way or the other.  Things have a way of doing that.

With all that being said, below is the final series I have chosen from Pow Wow.  I had the most amazing time (as if you couldn't tell).  I met some cool people who I was able to connect with on Facebook and will perhaps encounter at future 311 events!  Most festivals probably result in the same fashion..meeting new people and maybe keeping in touch but I don't have anything to compare to since this was my first fest.  I think that overall though, 311 fans are just that great.  You can go to a show by yourself and leave with new friends.  That's why this entry has the title that it does which of course, is a 311 lyric.
Hopefully the next time I'm posting 311 images, they will involve Las Vegas and a cruise ship.

This little guy was at our campsite from day one



The Riverspot


The Robot

Cool as the blue water all around


Rockin the flag

Hexum glow

From the VIP Lounge area

Water misting fans - the best thing to stand in front of in Florida's August heat

G.Love bassist

River spot launch complete with pool floatation device

Mid air

....and the finish

it's easy to do when you're up with Sexton

hands up


Tried to get one of these posters but they were all spoken for



Champagne.  California on the brain.

I wanna make a mess

A rhythmatic genius

I call this one "The Hulk"

P-Nut in a Pow Wow hat

I wanna blow off stress

Just creatures for awhile

To all my friends, it's not the end....


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