Sunday, July 31, 2011


These aren't new photos but this morning I am dreaming of a nice sunny vacation (where there is no humidity like here in Maryland).  I have always had a special place in my heart for the beach.  Since I am originally from a coastal area I spent my very early years on a beach and it has stuck with me.  I'm talking about Ocean City, MD not Mexico but still...any beach is good for me.  Some people have speculated that perhaps in a former life or something I was a sea critter.  Or maybe I just take after Bampy, my grandfather... who would take his beach chair up to the beach, slather baby oil all over his tan skin, and soak it up all day long. 

So here are just a few images from a trip to Mexico back in 2009.  Nothing intricate here, but that's what relaxing beach life is the opposite of.  Why do you think Jimmy Buffett writes all of his songs about this stuff?  People who are aware of my musical preferences know of my dislike for Jimmy Buffett but hey, that guy's got the right idea on how to live life.  Yeah.  Gotta give him props there at least. 

Under a hut

Peaceful morning

Self portrait.  I took this same photo in Ocean City, MD for my black and white 35mm film class as part of my "revisiting youth" theme for the final project.  For some reason I tend to take this type of shot in places I go to.  I believe it is because in my mind, I know that it is just this one moment I'll be exactly here.  Because you never could stand exactly in the same spot again.  and, maybe sometimes you wouldn't want to.  That's what memories are all about - remembering then, the journey getting you to where you are now and what lies ahead. 

Pretty deep sentiment to go along with a picture of my lower extremities.  Oh well, that's my thought process.    I've given fair warning in the past for random tangents so there you have it.  Yay Mexico!

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