Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Daily Photo Hiatus

So, the daily photo is not dead...just on hiatus!  Last weekend I spent time in Live Oak, Florida for the 311 Pow Wow Festival.  It.Was.AMAZING.  Thus the reason for the hiatus, and I am currently editing the photos from that adventure.  However, I felt that I really needed to make a blog post so here I am. 

I decided on a few from the Tori show that I blogged about before (and then mentioned I would be posting more from that show).  I have yet another amazing performance to look forward to from my favorite redhead since she is playing DC in December.  Excited!

In the first image she was playing "Leather".  Not sure how I remember that, but my memory sort of has a mind of its own.  Is that redundant?  I don't know, but it makes sense to me.  In the third image you can see that she may need to retire that sequined American flag jumpsuit.  Some of the sequins have come off and it's looking a bit tattered.  Plus, it's just unsightly.

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