Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baltimore's Harbor East

No rhyme or reason for me choosing these few images for today.  I just like them!  These were taken in 2009 in Baltimore, specifically Harbor East.  The first image is of the Landmark Theatre's marquis.  I looked up and just had to snap it from this angle.  The second image is from inside a chic restaurant called Pazo, which was my first (and thus far only) tapas restaurant experience.  I would return!

...I just wouldn't order the classic martini containing a blue cheese stuffed olive. 
I loathe blue cheese. 
Why did I order a drink with a blue cheese stuffed olive garnish? 
Probably because it seemed like a good idea after I had already had oh, a few other cocktails prior to arriving at Pazo.  Oh well!  At least I'm up for trying new things, right?

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