Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekend at the beach? Yes, please.

I realize that the 2+ month hiatus of not blogging is out of hand. 
I haven't done nearly enough taking of photos in the last few months, so I will be getting back to it most definitely.  I still have wedding and baby photos to blog.  I will get there. 
It has most definitely been a summer of changes, and for the better! 

So with all the chaos that has ensued (in a good way), I decided to take a second and share a photo I took probably 7 or 8 years ago.  This photo wasn't edited at all and I believe I shot it with some type of Kodak point and shoot.  It was taken in Ocean City, MD at Fish Tales

I figured it was a nice image to share for a few reasons. 
One, I will be going back to OC for a long weekend soon - thank you God!, and two, it's such a peaceful scene. 

Who doesn't love a sunset?  Take time to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds us all every single day!

Stay tuned.  I'm getting back into my photo groove, so look out.

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