Sunday, October 16, 2011

Then and now

I drove to Ocean City, MD yesterday to do some photos for my friend Becky who lives down there.  I may share a few of those later on if she's ok with it but I'm still sifting through them.  So while I was in OC I visited with my dad (who also lives there).  It was a great visit!  We went to lunch at Seacrets and I even got him up on the boardwalk.  This is an extreme rarity for my dad because he is always on the go with his business and never does the 'touristy' things down there.  But I had to fill some containers of Fisher's Popcorn to take back home with me so we went to the location up on the boardwalk and walked around a bit. 

It was Corvette weekend which I was unaware of, but it became very apparent when a line of them started driving up the boardwalk.  I am not a fan of the Corvette, but it was still neat to see the parade of all different kinds.  I'll share a photo or two of that in a later entry.

For today's entry I wanted to do a 'then and now.'  I took a picture of a picture that my dad had in his place, and then took one of us up on the boardwalk.  I guess I'm probably 11 or 12 in that photo?  I have no idea.  We'll just say the difference in photos is roughly 20 years.

I love my dad.

Ladies - please try to contain your jealousy of my awesome Swatch watch and doily-necked dress.

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  1. Aww these pictures make me cry... We had such a fun childhood together and that first picture was taken at The Steak and Ale, I think. That was Bamps favorite restaurant up here in Baltimore. The fact that your dad came up on weekends to see you is the reason why we are so close,Nicole. I am so grateful for our friendship and I love your dad. He is the only uncle I have and at this point in my life, you and uncle Mark are really the only extended family I have. Thank you for posting this and reminding me of the great times we had when we were kids. Love, Christian