Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's almost Wilco time

I've been stalking Wilco set lists.  I also put my request in for tomorrow's show.  There is a link on their tour section of the website for you to request a song.  It only lets you do it once, but this nice message comes up after you have made your selection..

Wilco loves me!

This morning my friend Michelle and I went to Zeke's Coffee , a local coffee spot, to replenish our bean supply.  It was my first time actually in the store and it was a nifty little space.  There was a friendly and knowledgable dude who gave us a few samplings which was nice.  The coffee is more expensive than your average (about $14/pound) but well worth it.  I recommend.

Since I cannot take my Nikon into the Wilco show tomorrow, my boss was kind enough to lend me his camera which will fit in my pocket.  So the photos here were taken with that rather than my usual camera.  Not bad for a super tiny point and shoot.  I am pleased that it has manual settings.  

After Zeke's,  I spent some time at Michelle and CJ's place testing out my borrowed camera on their cat Hunter.  I am not a cat person, but Hunter is my exception to that rule.  I like the fact that he plays fetch.  He's also a good looking little guy.  Every time I was about to snap the shot, he would move.  So I figured out that if I shimmied the wrist strap on the camera around like a toy, he would be much more alert and looking in my direction.  Take note that his left paw is slightly elevated because he's about to swat at the strap:

 Finally, since I am in "anticipation of rocking my face off with Jeff Tweedy and Co. tomorrow" mode, I thought this shot was appropriate..

Stay tuned for Wilco photos!  I have never been close enough to even attempt photos at any prior Wilco shows.  I have a pit ticket for tomorrow.  Fingers crossed! 

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