Monday, August 22, 2011

Garrett Dutton makes me happy

Just one photo today.  I am short on time and hope this week should be the last of my Pow Wow Festival photos.  Can't drag that out too long and I have other photos I have since taken that need to be shared as well.  I don't want to get behind. 

Today's photo is from, you guessed it!  Pow Wow.  This was Saturday, Day 2 of 311 and also the last night of the festival.  G.Love was coming out and I got down in front and met some cool people there.  I didn't anticipate staying in that spot for so long but I couldn't give up my 'real estate' knowing that people would crowd in as time went on.  I didn't want to fight my way back up front after leaving and be inconsiderate (you know, like those people who just push their way through, spill beer on people and don't care?  Yeah, that's not my style).

G.Love's set was almost identical to the one I saw a few weeks prior at Artscape in Baltimore which I blogged about here:  
Man, I just looked at that blog entry and the images are almost embarrassing compared to the Pow Wow images.  I guess I just have to chalk it up to the fact that I did what I could with my short lens at night time and then cropped most of them so they're even grainier than normal.

Anyway, Garrett rocked it out at Pow Wow and he (like everyone else) was sweat covered.  He jumped into the crowd a few times and people in my section (including me) reached out and touched him.  At first I thought, that was awesome, I'm never this close!  Then I thought, sweat.....ew.   He ended up tossing out his harmonica into the crowd and the girl right next to me got it.  She was about as tall as Snooki from the Jersey Shore and I'm 5'10" so I'm not sure how that happened but whatever.  Would've been cool to have the harmonica I photographed him using.  Next time I'll just have to be more aggressive.

More later!

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