Sunday, July 17, 2011

Artscape Day 1

Well, technically it's Artscape Day 2 since it runs Friday through Sunday, but I it was Day 1 for me since I did not go on Friday.  Lesson learned this year - take standard AND zoom lens.  We were closer than I had anticipated for G.Love's set but since I only had my standard lens on, it still wasn't very close for photos.  Now, if I had my zoom lens then I could have gotten the sweat droplets running off Garrett Dutton's face.  Oh well.  Now I know for today when I go back for Matisyahu. 

So I cropped like there was no tomorrow.  Seriously, I probably should be providing a 'before crop' and 'after crop' for comparison but I'm not doing that.  Some were just too blurry cropped but others weren't completely terrible even though there is a lot of grain.  Obviously I chose the less terrible shots to share.  Plus a few other random Artscape shots.  I like the one of the guy taking a picture.  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to snap it quick enough but it came out better than I had anticipated. 

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