Friday, August 19, 2011

Brothers Past makes you rage your face off

Last night I went to a local show with some friends to see a band called Brothers Past. 
Check them out here:

It was my first time seeing them live and it was a super fun time.  I plan to see them again and frankly, wish that I had seen them long before last night.  Good energy, nice beats, and all around enjoyable.  I'd be surprised if someone could listen to them and not tap along or if you're in the car...."car dance". 

Part of the fun for me at shows is to observe other people.  It's great fun and nice to see people in their groove and the moment.  There was one guy in particular last night who was just totally and completely RAGING.  Not just here and there but the entire time from start to finish.  It was awesome! He just did not care about anything other than the music, being there, and rocking out.  I told my friends in the middle of the show, "I'm blogging about that guy tomorrow". 

If only I had my camera with me last night to photograph the guy. I'm pretty sure that any image of him would've been blurry even on a higher shutter speed. He was like the human version of the Tasmanian Devil.

So I thought of what image I could use to sort of correspond with the theme here and this was the best one.  It is yet another shot from Pow Wow.  I got this guy with the dreadlocks "mid headbang" and those things were flyin'. 

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