Thursday, July 7, 2011

I wanna stoke the fire. Just creatures for awhile.

Apparently it's the week of fiery images.  I'm not a pyromaniac, but who isn't mesmerized while looking at flames?  After yesterday's fireworks shots I thought, why not follow that up with some shots of real fire?   

The photos for today were taken at my parents house.  I was there celebrating my birthday and father's day with my family.  We had crabs and then later, a bonfire.  Creation of smores occurred per the usual.  A couple of my good friends came too.  It was fun!  My family and friends rule. 

Of course I had my camera with me.  I took almost 200 pictures that day.  A few of them have already made it into prior blog entries!  (the nest and the 'self portrait')
Roasting my mallow and taking the picture.  I multi task. 
I call this one "put your hands up"

Smore preparation

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