Monday, February 3, 2014


Last August my family and I went to Maine.  It was the first time we have all taken a vacation together.  It's tough when you get older and everyone has families of their own.  But this was a special trip.  In honor of my late Uncle "Shorty".

The last time I was in Maine was when I was probably less than 2 years old.  So I was excited not only to spend this time with my family, but to use my camera there.

I took a ton of photos but chose just a handful to share.  Sometimes less is more. 

my dad used to go clamming right around this spot when he was a kid.  it's a pretty neat thing to see when you yourself are in your mid thirties and you're in the same spot that your parent was when they were little.

My favorite find in Freeport---Mexicali Blues!  It was like the mothership of hippie stores.  Clothing, jewelry, home goods...check out their site here- I wish they had a retail store in Baltimore.  

The texture within these rocks was amazing

me and my old man 

Maine is beautiful.  Go there!

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