Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dog days of summer

In the last 3 weeks, Lila has slowly been let off her leash while being outside and has been doing so well!  I do not let her off the leash at my place since I live in such a well traveled area.  Only at Breandan's since his place is far enough off the road and there is plenty of room to let Lila and Bentley run around together.  I am excited to take more photos of the two of them playing outside because I love the action shots! 

Bentley is definitely faster than Lila so a lot of times he gets to the toy quicker when it's thrown, but Lila can hold her own and is perfectly content just to be able to have the freedom to run and play.  A couple of times she has run over to the neighbor's porch and we've had to call for her.  But she comes back, and usually has a toy she's stolen from their dog.  It's pretty amusing.  Last weekend I thought she had run off into the woods or something, and for a moment I freaked out.  Really she was just at the neighbor's house scavenging for a new toy to steal.  She's a mess.

On a side note, blogging is back!  I've missed it and frankly just haven't made the time.  But now that we have warm weather back, and Lila has more "off leash" freedom, I think that is helping me get back into the groove.  It is already shaping up as a pretty busy summer...per the usual I guess!  I just need to make sure that my camera is with me.  Lots of great things on the horizon!

Here are a couple shots I recently took of the pups:


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