Monday, September 19, 2011

Plant. and I don't mean Robert.

I've been absent.  Oh the shame.  Been a little busy, but there's no room for excuses.  My goal was to do a daily photo so I will continue on with that goal.  I think the camera backpack needs to go with me everywhere.  Not sure why it doesn't already.  Probably because with the sweltering Summer heat in Maryland, inside a hot car is not where you want your camera equipment to reside.  It is cooling off now which is bittersweet for me since I do love the summer so much.  But we are swiftly on our way toward the Fall.  I'm not ready to put away my Summer clothes but I don't think Mother Nature cares about that.

Recently we had a serious amount of rain here.  Like, to the point where I wondered, is this Maryland or did I transport somewhere else via DeLorean and not realize it?  My outside potted plants were in love though.  You know, with the rain and all.  Not with me.  I tend to kill plants.  I was once given a cactus and it was dead less than two weeks after being in my care. 

Here's a shot I snapped after a storm one day last week.  I like raindrops.  and plants.  Although you wouldn't know it since I kill them all.  In the last couple months though, I seem to be doing ok.  Meaning, I have not killed any in that time.  Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself.  Fingers crossed.

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