Monday, August 15, 2011

the deepest dream that we have could be tomorrow's song

Ok so it turns out that I can't just do one photo per day when it comes to my Pow Wow shots because I'm just too excited to share them!  So today the entry title comes from the song '1,2,3' which means I am including not one or two, but three images. 

These were from Friday August 5th, the first night of 311.  They opened with Hive which is one of my all time favorites so I knew I was in for it.  They also opened with this song exactly one week prior when my friends and I went to the show in Bristow, VA so I got my favorite opener twice in a week's time.  I vividly remember the first time Hive was the opening song at a show I saw.  It was Penn's Landing, NJ a few years back.  Matisyahu was one of the opening acts.  It was so hot that day and some events leading up to the show put our group in a bit of a grumpy mood.  Even throughout Matisyahu's set I just wasn't feeling great...too hot, a little too much beer, and just out of it.  Then 311 took the stage and opened with Hive.  I immediately snapped out of my funk and raged the whole show.  It was awesome.  So after Penn's Landing, that song is one of my favorite live songs and I always hope for it to be on the set list.

I guess instead of 1,2,3 I should have named this entry after Hive since I basically just rambled on about it.  Oh well.  I type as the thoughts enter my brain.  Apologies to anyone who may view my blog and dislike 311 because it's likely you will get tired reading about them.  Even though the purpose of this is to share my photos, I like to write something about the images.  Isn't it more interesting that way? 

On second thought, no apologies.  It's my blog, this band is amazing and I'm going to be talking about them a lot.  It's important to be passionate about things in your life that you love and I LOVE 311!  and photography!  The two of those things together?  Perfection!

Tim Mahoney workin' it

Group shot, and one of the few that I took from the VIP treehouse area

smooth yet psychedelic

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