Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Go go go go now...out of the nest it's time

I always seem to find empty nests.....and I don't mean that awesome 90's sitcom starring Richard Mulligan.  (Seriously, how do I know this?)

Anyway, the nest finding is normally at Christmas time when my family and I go to the tree farm.  The tree we end up getting always has a nest inside of it somewhere.  Probably common, but for us it's always a sign that we've chosen the right tree!  I spotted the nest in this photo underneath a tree in my parents yard on Mother's Day weekend this year.

I'm still baffled that I've just referenced the tv show Empty Nest on a blog entry.  I will actually admit that I could name all of the actors on that show and I'll throw in the fun fact that they are neighbors to the Golden Girls as well.  Who doesn't love a cameo by the late Bea Arthur?

Anyway, the nest..

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